Sun Care Is Self-Care: Au Revoir to Sun Damage

Greetings, you gorgeous goddesses! Today, I want to talk about sun care. Once you pass 50, it's one of the most critical aspects of self-care. Sure, we love the sun! The world seems happier when it's bright outside, but those wretched UV rays are just waiting to do damage to your skin and hair. Here are some of the most foolproof methods for keeping yourself safe from free radicals, UV rays, and sunburns:

Slip into light-blocking clothing: tightly woven tops and bottoms effectively block out UV rays, preventing them from doing damage straight through your clothes.

Slather on your sunscreen: no matter how long you're going to be outside, and even if it's cloudy, put on sunscreen—and don't forget to cover the tops of your hands to avoid sun damage on that soft, fragile skin.

Put a lid on it: wearing a hat outside protects your hair from drying out or fading—the sun can bleach out all your color, you know—and it shades your eyes from those bright, potentially dangerous rays. Accessorize with a Blue Sky Sun Visor, for example, allows you to rock a sporty athleisure aesthetic while giving yourself some shade.

Pop on your sunglasses: even when you wear a hat, sunglasses are smart, as they simultaneously shield your eyes from the sun and they protect the delicate skin around your pretty peepers.

Sun damage is no joke. At best, it dries out your skin and hair, plus sunburns can cause irreparable harm. At worst, you run the risk of skin cancer. Check out The Shop to discover useful sun-blocking products, such as Blue Sky Sun Visors, and don't forget to avoid the sun's peak hours!

Fierce Fashion Tips to Comfortably Cover Your Figure

 Women's clothing often seems like it was designed by a man who's never seen a woman in his life, especially attire marketed to ladies of a certain age. You know what it's like to slip into a stylish shirt, only to discover that the short sleeves reveal more of your upper arms than you'd like. Honey, forget that. Here are some post-50 fashion tips that actually work.

Fabulously breathable fabrics: the fabric of your clothing makes a noticeable difference in your appearance, so opt for soft, breathable materials that move with you and cover your imperfections. I love the clothes from Covered Perfectly, made from MicroModal fabric. The brand's items are stylish, flattering, and soft to the touch.

Pretty in prints: bold patterns and prints detract from all your problem areas, but avoid ostentatious color palettes. Eye-catching shades are on-point but choose cohesive, complementary hues that highlight your skin tone.

Show off with statement pieces: eye-catching statement pieces draw the eye, as well, which means that people are staring at your fabulous accessories, not the areas that make you feel insecure. Covered Perfectly has a versatile vest that I'm in love with, but a cardigan or blazer gets the job done, too.

Never let anyone tell you that you have to dress your age—and never believe that dressing your age means that you have to look or feel awkward or uncomfortable! Take a look at The Shop and browse through our selection of Covered Perfectly attire.

Tips for Cultivating Female Friendships After 50

Making female friends is difficult as you get older. Finding friends after 50 is even harder. During this stage of your life, you need women friends. They understand how you feel because they're going through the same things. There's no reason to go it alone—and no reason you can't still foster once-in-a-lifetime friendships.

Take it slow: adult friendships are based on trust, which means taking the time to get to know one another. Think of it this way: you need to woo prospective friends—and potential pals have to woo you, too. Prime the pump so that you can reap the rewards.

Start saying “yes” to new experiences: in other words, quit finding excuses to say “no,” or else you'll never be in a position to meet new friends. Be adventurous and try new things because, at this stage of your life, making female friends involves leaving the safety of your comfort zone.

Sign up for a class: in this way, you're guaranteed to meet people who share your interests, plus you get to learn a new skill—whether it's knitting, yoga, or foreign language lessons, once you start to say “yes,” you can learn all sorts of new hobbies while meeting plenty of friendship candidates.

Consider the friends you want: there are all sorts of friends, from social buddies to true blue besties, so you have to decide exactly the kind of friends you want in your life. There's a fab book in The Shop that offers more tips for making female friends—pick up a copy of Friendships Don't Just Happen!: The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of GirlFriends!

Throw your own event: the best way to make friendships after 50 is to bring your potential friends to you instead of playing a waiting game while you each wait for the other person to text or call first. Step up and plan a yoga session in your backyard, throw a dinner party, or put together a movie night.

You don't have to be lonely. Finding friends after 50 is harder, but it's all the more rewarding when you find the perfect circle of pals. How do you make female friends? Don't forget, you can find the ideal guidebook in The Shop!

Fab Reasons Face Steaming Is Your New Skincare Fave

Wow, do I have a new skincare secret to share with you! If you haven't been steaming your face, you have to make up for lost time. Steaming your face the DIY way isn't at all difficult. You can always buy a steamer, which we happen to have at The Shop. Before you decide on the method, how about you take a peek at the most significant benefits of face steaming?

Cleaning out your pores: steaming your face effectively clears out all the debris clogging your pores, including sebum and other oils, makeup, and dead skin cells. Remember, in clearing out the gunk from your pores, you also minimize their appearance, which makes for softer, smoother skin.

Priming your skin: steaming is an excellent first-step in any skincare routine because it primes your skin for other facial treatments, such as oils, masks, and serums.

Boosting your circulation: facial steaming causes your blood vessels to dilate, which in turn sends more nutrients and oxygen to your skin tissues, resulting in a dewy glow—without a bit of bronzer or highlighter.

Kicking toxins to the curb: as you perspire during your face steaming treatment, you sweat out all the toxins in your skin, particularly the problematic little buggers that create chaos and imbalance.

Mind you, I haven't even mentioned how relaxed you feel after you steam your face. You'll want to melt. Snag a steamer of your own at The Shop and let me know how you enjoyed your first facial steam! Until next time, keep living fabulously!

3 Ways to Stop Dry Skin in Its Tracks

Lovely ladies, today I want to tackle the issue of dry skin. It can happen to anyone, but it gets worse with age. Skincare after 50 takes on new dimensions because cell turnover and elasticity decrease.  Implement the following tips into your skincare routine, and you'll see dramatic improvement in the skin on your face and hands. You can retain your gorgeous glow well into your 50s—and beyond. Promise!

Slather yourself with sunscreen: doesn't matter how old you are, what the weatherman says, or how long you'll be outside because you need to put on sunscreen anyway. Always wear it between 10 AM and 2 PM, and don't forget to apply it to the tops of your hands, too.

Create an age-appropriate skincare routine: to hydrate and moisturize your skin, you need different products than you used in your 20s, such as Bonblissity, which is my personal favorite. It's a serious skincare remedy specifically designed to cure dry skin and hands.

Pass on the hot water: no matter how good it feels to take a steamy shower or a boiling bath, that heat dries out your skin like nobody's business, so train yourself to bathe and shower in lukewarm water, instead. Also remember to moisturize from top to bottom after you dry off—no skipping!

Skincare after 50 is different, but it's not a hassle. You know that I adore Bonblissity, and you can find a bounty of other skin and beauty treasures in The Shop. What are your skincare must-haves?