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Here to bring you all things style, beauty, health, and happiness

Hey, I'm Annette. Here to bring you all things style, beauty, health, and happiness

If you ever liked magazines and wanted to find out the trends for living your best life, then you have arrived.

I’m here doing all the legwork for you so you can check-in and enjoy. Expect to have a relaxing time, thumbing through these pages and finding what interests you most.

Shopping? Done.   Beauty Trends? Done.   What is your best health option after 50? Double Done.

And the most important factor? Happiness. Can you find enjoyable moments here and through ? I sure hope so.

The best part is that you just made friends with hundreds of women like you who want to live their best life after 50. So enjoy your visit. Bookmark the page and refresh it every time you come back.

Hugs to you, Dolls!


Embracing your inner fashionista!


A peak into my medicing cabinet.


You know what they say, you are what you eat.


Because this is something we all strive for.

I want  to inspire women to live their BEST quality of life through Style, Beauty, Health, and Happiness.

I call myself a dynamic lifer! Entrepreneur who is enjoying the second half of life. I have  discovered lifetime partners in all industries that bring  compelling and useful information to women. 

Accomplishments: BOD of TLC Hospice Foundation, Mother, Wife ,and Entrepreneur.